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    2nd Generation Broach Handle, Anterior Approach

    MIS-friendly anterior approach broach handle compatible with leading implant/broach systems
    NEW...  Ergonomic Handle      NEW.... Larger Strike Plate
    • Provides "line of sight" action from strike plate to bone interface
    • Less strike force since impact produces bone cutting shear force
    • Accurate bone/implant interface reduces contact stress "hotspots", better stress transfer
    • Three dimensional curves with fewer moving parts than competitive broach handles

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    Quality Orthopedic Instrumentation

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    Box Osteotome (for Broach Handle)

    • Box osteotome designed by Orthogroup, Inc.
    • Fits any broach/rasp connection.
    • Integrates seamlessly onto existing handles.
    • No need for a separate instrument.
    • Easily cut and remove bone from the femur to prepare for broach insertion.

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    OP0093 Stabilizing Bar

Orthogroup Inc.

Orthogroup Inc.

cupdriverWith international headquarters in Rancho Cordova, California, Orthogroup, Inc. has been an innovator and leading designer in the manufacture and global distribution of devices for the medical industry. Since its founding in 2003, Orthogroup, Inc. has been committed to product innovation, use of innovative technologies and unsurpassed customer satisfaction. The company specializes in orthopedic surgical devices that provide unique soloutions for industry challenges.

Orthogroup Introduces 2nd Generation Broach Handle

Orthogroup is pleased to introduce our 2nd generation Anterior Approach Broach Handle.


 The Orthogroup 2nd generation Broach Handle has all the great features of our orignial handle plus a new larger strike plate and a new ergonomic handle.

 Check a video of our new 2nd generation Broach Handle on our new website at www.orthogroup.com/2g-broach-handle-anterior-approach .

 The 2nd generation Broach Handle fits all broach styles and sizes on the market today.

 In addition to the Anterior Approach Broach Handle, Orthogroup offers 2nd generation models of our Single Offset and Direct Approach (Neutral) Broach Handles.

 To order the Orthogroup 2nd generation Broach Handle, call us at (800) 709-4127 for pricing and delivery lead times (currently 8-10 weeks).

 Orthogroup has a limited supply of our original Broach Handles that we are offering at a 20% discount and 3-4 week delivery while supplies last.

 Please don't hesitate to call us with any questions at (800) 709-4127.